Adult Spiritual Growth is a vital part of life at College Street Church. Resources for group conversation and study have included programs such as “Living the Questions,” (a series of films specifically designed for progressive Christian churches) as well as a variety of speakers, books, and films. Workshops on topics such as centering prayer are offered occasionally.

Adult study opportunities emerge from interests identified by members: a monthly Bible Basics group meets at 7:00 on the first Monday of the month and explores Biblical topics identified by the participants. College Street Church members have also led programs on a variety of topics such as “The Gospel of John and Anti-Semitism,” racism/white privilege in the context of Burlington’s changing population, and reparative justice.

An exciting new opportunity this fall is a spiritually-focused women’s retreat.

Small groups are an essential part of the church community, and people are encouraged to cluster around mutual interests. One suggestion for a future series is “Literature and the Life of Faith.”