Our spiritual journey is an ongoing conversation. Insightful advice, learned instruction, and gentle guidance continue this discussion at College Street Congregational Church.  Combined with learning in action, the conversation that is Christian development occurs at all ages and spans far beyond Sunday mornings.  From nursery school to poverty think tanks, Christian development involves the engagement of our members and the larger community of God’s children wherever they find themselves.  A constant focus of  spiritual learning at College Street is the inclusion of all ages in church life.  According to John Westerhoff, a leading Christian educator, children’s presence in worship is not only  important, but necessary. His premise is that faith is “caught” more than it is “taught,” and what better way for children to know what faith is all about than to be a part of a community that laughs together, cries together, struggles together and worships together.  We see this lesson extended throughout our lives as everyone is a child of God.”