Giving and Planned Giving

Charitable Giving

You probably remember the steward of the Old Testament as the caretaker, the person who was ultimately responsible for the administration of the estate, managing the accounts, directing the workers, and reporting back to the owner of the property. The steward was at once a leader and a servant. At College Street this Biblical figure comes of age today for us as a symbol of our responsibilities as leaders, to care for the Earth, God’s creation and to maintain our Church. As individual servants of God and indeed as the College Street Church community we are responsible to report back to God, to each other, and to those who are to come.

Every week we at College Street are reminded of our role as good stewards of God’s creation as we sing in our offertory:

“We give thee but thine own,
whate’er the gift may be.
All that we have is thine alone,
a trust, Oh God, from thee.”

The good steward is called upon to do justice, seek peace, and respect the integrity of all God’s creation. This is the model we embrace at College Street. It gives us the foundation for sharing our time, our talents, and our treasures. But, this model lives and breathes because above all, at College Street Church the steward implies action. We are active in working towards supporting the structure and the mission of our church home.

In a special service, once a year, called Consecration Sunday, we rededicate ourselves by examining our responsibilities and our duties as good stewards of God’s creation and our Church. We ask what College Street means to us, what it means to our community, and what it means to God. The steward, a biblical symbol come of age, can give us a unique perspective of how to be in our world these days, not just of it.


Planned giving – a legacy for the future

Each prior generation has served the Church in it’s own time and left a legacy for the future.  Our generation should be moved to make gift to the Church to assure its continued strength and ministry.  Our Permanent Fund was established to provide an opportunity for members and friends to express love and concern for this church and its mission though gifts beyond their annual pledge or commitment.  Earnings from the Fund and gifts that come to the Fund will enhance both present and future Programs.

Gifts can be made in many ways:

  1. An outright gift, by means of cash or transfer of securities.
  2. Life-income gifts.  These provide the donor with income for life and certain tax advantages, with the remaining principle designated to College Street Congregational Church.
  3. Bequests by will.  For a Christian, the preparation and periodic review of a will is an act of faithful stewardship that expresses your belief about God’s claim upon you and upon what you have been given to use and manage.
  4. Gifts of life insurance and retirement funds.

These gifts can be given in honor or memory of family and friends.  Gifts such as these will be placed in the Permanent Fund and used to strengthen the life and work of the Church.  Consider your gift today.  Please contact a member of the Trustees or the church office should you wish more information about one of these options.

How will your gifts be used?

Gifts to College Street Congregational Church are used to support our mission and values through our annual operating fund, permanent funds, and special funds.

Annual Operating Funds

Each year our budget is supported by member pledges and other gifts to run our programs, support our staff, and pay our utilities. Gifts to the annual operating fund are managed by the board of Trustees and the Treasurer to support our ongoing and daily activities.

Permanent Funds

Gifts to the permanent funds are an investment in maintaining our Church we into the future. The permanent funds are invested and the returns help to support our operating fund. The permanent funds are also available for unplanned or emergency expenses.

Special Funds

There are many special funds within College Street Church that support the maintenance of our building, music and instruments, and debt reduction on our mortgage.

Please contact the office if you would like more information about giving to College Street Congregational Church.


Questions?  Click here or call 802 864-7704.