We’ve had a great first month back at youth group! In Sunday Youth Class, we’ve been learning and discussing friendship – how going through difficult times with good friends can actually make us stronger and bring us healing. We’ve also explored the beauty and mystery of having God as a friend who sticks with us no matter what, even when it is hard to understand what that means.

During Youth Group nights, we’ve had a lot of fun playing some new games, like Human Hungry Hungry Hippos and Glow-in-the-Dark Capture the Flag, as well just enjoying eating and talking together. I was especially inspired by a conversation we had about binary thinking and how divisive it can be to categorize someone else as “other” than us. From lighthearted debates on whether it is yanny or laurel, to strong sports team loyalties, to the deeper implications of politics and racism, the youth had such fresh and inspiring insights into how we can work towards peace and acceptance.


Having shared in these experiences, plus Pride Parade and Gathering Sunday, I’m excited for what this next month holds!