Since November 2016, our church has either prepared or purchased meals for the Friday night peer group at Outright, VT.  Outright is a wonderful support organization for empowering and loving LGBTQ youth – folks who are often in need of a safe place; sadly oftentimes they need safety from Christian proclamations of hate.

As an Open & Affirming church that love youth and children, we’ve wanted to make sure these kids know that we love them and God loves them exactly as they are. Serving them meals is a very tangible way to show this care and concern. Some nights, we pay for pizza from Leonardo’s (who gives them a very favorable rate). Some nights, we join forces to make a dinner that is part vegan and part omni, and bring them warm food. For some of these youths, pizza is a treat, but for some, home cooking is not something they get very often.

If you would like to contribute toward pizza, you can send a check to the church office or put one in the collection plate. Make sure you write “Outright meals” in the memo field.

If you would like to sign up to help cook food, you can sign up for the fall by visiting our signup page here. You can also contact the church office to learn more.

Finally, if you order from Leonardo’s, tell them “thank you” for giving a price break to Outright.