October has been such a fun month!

In addition to a really great high school game night at Quartermaster, our combined youth group nights have been spent exploring both personal identity and teamwork. We had a spaghetti and marshmallow tower building competition, which sparked some innovative (and messy) ideas… and not a few consumed marshmallows along the way. We also played a human version of that retro video game called Snake, which also required a lot of cooperation as everyone on each team was blindfolded, except the one person at the back giving non-verbal directions.

It was inspiring to hear all the practical insights the youth made to their own lives from these activities. We also all brought a favorite hat or mask and talked about the concept of someone who “wears many hats.” While there are times when it is totally healthy to wear multiple hats or a different hat around different people, we also want to experience life more as humans than hats. While many people get their value from the hats they wear, which can come and go, we can receive our value from God’s unconditional love. In that space of love, we have freedom to hear or not wear hats, and to still move through the world as people full of infinite value.

In Sunday youth class, we’ve been talking about how we can use that freedom to either live in a convenient, close-fisted way, or in a open-handed way, which, while sometimes inconvenient, opens our life to both give and receive tremendous amounts of joy and peace.