Fall to Spring: K – 5th grade church school classes meet downstairs during 10am worship                                                                     First Sundays each month, kids stay upstairs for Pan Gen Worship

Church School for Age 5 through 5th grade meets in two groups, with two teachers in each classroom. Together, we practice spiritual development for a joy-filled life. We emphasize Jesus’ ways of compassion and justice for all, and Jesus’ stories which help us access the spirit and wisdom within. We Bible tell stories, play games, do art, and build relationships. We explore faith practices such as meditation and prayer, and how these provide a deeper connection to God while realizing our identity as children of God.

Pan Gen Worship happens on first Sundays, and is our special way of worshipping as a whole community. We have a rug and cushion area right up front in our sanctuary for kids, youth, and the young at heart. In this space we use quiet, tactile materials to engage our hands and imagination as we listen along and participate in the service. (See pics of the space in action below.) You really have to see it to believe it. Pastor Ken enjoys having us nearby and engaging the children and youth, and our kids learn that they are loved and valued as part of our inclusive worshipping community. We have everyone return to their pews in order to take Communion with their family members on these Sundays.

At College Street, we hope to make each person comfortable whether you are new to church and whether you’ve ever cracked open a Bible or not–we are not about memorization and right answers. All are welcome to join and explore with us at any age or any point in the school year.