October: Hats, Snakes, Spaghetti, and Marshmallows!

October has been such a fun month! In addition to a really great high school game night at Quartermaster, our combined youth group nights have been spent exploring both personal identity and teamwork. We had a spaghetti and marshmallow tower building competition, which sparked some innovative (and messy) ideas… and not a few consumed marshmallows [...]

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Launching into the new school year!

We’ve had a great first month back at youth group! In Sunday Youth Class, we’ve been learning and discussing friendship – how going through difficult times with good friends can actually make us stronger and bring us healing. We’ve also explored the beauty and mystery of having God as a friend who sticks with us [...]

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Fall 2015 catch-all

Having too much fun to keep posts at all up-to-date? Yurp. College Street Youth Group had an incredible Fall 2015!  

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Maine Event Live Show!

Check out the photos from our big night! Youth group threw our church a party to remember. "Maine Event Live!" was an evening of dinner and entertainment for all, with pub-style trivia competition between the tables, and our youth serving up the food and entertainment. Here are pics from "a little something" we put together to [...]

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“Maine Event Live!” fundraiser

Reserve your tickets now! Youth Group is putting on an evening of dinner and entertainment at College Street Church that is not to be missed! We hope you'll join us for community bonding, laughs, and great food. Ticket sales will help send us on our summer mission trip to Portland, Maine. "Maine Event Live!" is Saturday, May [...]

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Scavenger Winners

Just a few of the winning shots from our winter photo scavenger hunt at the Burlington Mall:  getting an ear pierced, best haircut photo found in a salon book, and some highly intense cologne sampling!

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Taste Test Magic

In January, College Street Youth Group held our own taste test night with mberries–-the west African miracle berry that changes your tastebuds for 20 minutes by way of some glycoprotein magic. Among the culinary highlights of the evening were marshmolives, radish baby food smoothies, and coca cola tomato sauce. These were lovingly crafted by two [...]

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Christmas Lock-in

We started off the holiday break right, with a College Street lock-in! To begin: Minute-to-win-it games, ping-pong volleyball, all-you-can-eat ice cream, and other hyphenated fun. Continuing with: the Grog, flashlight tag, a brief discussion, a movie. Repeat: until every one falls asleep. To end: wake up to a pancake breakfast and a trail of last night's marshmallows. [...]

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