We value God’s love for all people and the way God’s love is expressed through relationships – those within the church, those with the Burlington community, and those that transcend boundaries. As a congregation, we find that our heart bends especially toward children and youth. We value human rights and justice, and we value worship and service as two important ways in which we experience and share God’s love.

God has blessed us with gifts of skilled music and deeply compassionate hearts; God has provided us a beautiful building in a central location in which our music and our hearts might resonate. God has filled our congregation with wise and generous people, many of whom have been given the gift of leadership.

We believe God is calling us to use our gifts to bear witness to the boundlessness of God’s love by working for equality and justice for all people, especially those whose experience of society is one that is dominated by experiences of economic and social injustice; we hear a special call to support the LGBTQ community. We believe that we are called to use God’s gift of our building and location for the good of the broader Burlington community, sharing it in service. We also believe that God is calling us to proclaim God’s love not only for God’s people, but also for God’s earth.

We believe that God calls us to imagine a future in which our church mirrors the beautiful variations of God’s glorious creation; a future in which all of God’s children feel welcome and wanted and served by College Street Church, where all the people of Burlington know from our actions that not only does God love them, but the people of College Street Church love them as well.